Ok you have designed and developed your fabulous new website and have found somewhere to host it, next comes the problem of managing it. In order to keep visitors coming back to your site it is vital that it is regulalrly updated with fresh and exciting content. All too often we see websites built and lay idle that are never updated or managed in any way. This does not paint companies in a positive light and leads to websites being forgotten about, sliding down the Google rankings and eventually becoming obsolete. At Go 4 Websites we don’t abandon our customers like many web companies do when they have finished building a site. We believe in helping our clients to look after and update their own websites to keep visitors coming back.

Go 4 Websites offer two types of website management:

Customer Managed Website.

We will provide you with access to the site and give you advice and help on how to update the website yourself through a simple to use Content Management System. This is beneficial to customers as you can change and update the site whenever you like at your convenience. We will however still be on hand to answer and help with any queries that you may have.

Go 4 Websites Managed Website

We realise that not all customers have the time or want the hassle of looking after their own website. If this is the case then we will do this for you. We will always be on hand to make any updates or changes you would like in rapid time. Where we diiffer from most web design companies is that we won't charge you a fortune for these changes. Minor changes are included in the cost of the overall website and for any major work we will agree an hourly rate before the project has started.